ScreenSpy: New Release V1.1

ScreenSpy: New Release V1.1

You can download it here:

ScreenSpy v1.1 (Win, Unix, MacOS) -- Includes source code.

ScreenSpy v1.0 (Win, Unix, MacOS) -- Includes source code.


java -jar ScreenSpy.jar ftp.domain.com username password 1000

or, for the win32 .exe:

Screenspy.exe ftp.domain.com username password 1000

This would start sending the screenshots to "ftp.domain.com" once every second.


V 1.1:

-Smarter naming of pictures (for example: Thu_Aug_30_06-57-19_.jpg)

-Always delete the file on exit. X

-Option to select the amount of time in between screenshots.

V 1.0:

-Initial release

It will run on all major platforms give you have a java virtual machine installed (www.java.com). I also included a win32 binary.

Have fun!

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