Picasa - Delete Annoying ".picasaoriginals" Space Consuming Folders

Did you ever notice that Picasa creates a backup of any picture that has been modified? I could never find an option to suppress that behavior. I mean, I know what I am doing; I do not want to have extra copies of my pictures laying around and taking up all my disk space.

So I built a small applicaiton that lists the ".picasaoriginals" folders location under the folder where the Python script is run from. It lists the content of the ".picasaoriginals" and prompts the user for deletion. You can view the code here. It is only a few dozens lines long so just copy/paste to a .py file if you want to use it. It is written in a Python 3.0.

Here is an example of the command-prompt interation with the program.
python DelPicasaOriginalBackups.py

C:\pics\09-01-03 - Montreal\.picasaoriginals

Do you want to delete the following folder and everything in sub-dirs?
C:\pics\09-01-03 - Montreal\.picasaoriginals
Hope it is useful. Feel free to post any comment/suggestion.