pyWeightWatch: Monitor your Weight Efficiently

pyWeightWatch: Monitor your Weight Efficiently


The project page has movedhttp://david-web.appspot.com/cnt/WeightWatch/

Consider the information on this page deprecated.


Just unpack the .exe in a directory, then run pyWeight.exe.

The program is going to ask you how much you weight now. Jump on a scale and enter your weight.

The program will automatically generate a graph of your weight over time.

This is what the program generates for me:


Enter today's weight and see the graph/save to .png:
Just update the .png file with the data contained in Weight.xml:
pyWeight.exe -u
pyWeight.exe --update


pyWeightWatch v1.0 (source here)

Future features:

-Interpolation and prediction
-Better labelling
-XML indexed by date and weight, should extract all weightelement and then extract the weight and date.
-Leave some space in graph (not just the extremum of the data)
-Build Weight.xml if not present/valid

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