Draw simple graphs with DOT

A quick and painless way to generate directed and undirected graphs under windows / Linux.
The DOT language is useful because it can be easily generated by a script and hence can be used to automatically generate documentation.
It is also useful to quickly draw a professional looking graph without having to use a graphical interface.


Here is a simple graph:

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Here is the .dot script that generated the graph.

Source Code: [File=Graph.dot]

digraph G
Computer -> David;
Problem -> David;
Time -> David;
Idea -> David;

{rank=same; Problem; Idea; David; Computer; Time;}

David -> Blog;
Problem -> You;
Blog -> You [dir=both, color=lawngreen, style = bold];
You -> Solve;

You [shape=box]
Problem [shape=tripleoctagon, color = red, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
David [label = "David Malin", shape=box]
Blog [label = "davidmaling.blogspot.com", shape=diamond, fontsize=15, color=steelblue3]

The following command will compile the .dot file into a png image:

dot -Tpng -O Graph.dot

Neat no? The program (dot) can be obtained here:

You can read the wikipedia entry about dot:

... or download a more complete documentation here:

Graph on!

P.S: Send me your home-made graph and I will post it on the blog. :)

[Generated at: 2007_08_21_01h34m18s]

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